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18th Century Castle in the Peloponnese


The "Christeas" castle in Agios Dimitrios by the coast next to the town of Platsa - prefecture of Mani. 


In 1795 J. Morritt visited Christodoulos Christeas in his castle and wrote: "... He was one of the most powerful and at the same time the most active and troubled captains of the area. He had three bullets in his chest and two scars on his face..."


The castle as it has been reported by foreign sources existed in 1795 and much earlier.

The plot is 450 m2. The castle has three levels of 43 m2 each, and the tower-house is 71 m2 with a basement with arches, also habitable, 200 m2 total.


Price: 1.450.000 Euros


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