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                                  Become our Partner!

The Greek Real Estate market is booming! The numbers speak for themselves: Since the beginning of the Golden VIsa Program back in 2014, 2170 people from abroad came to Greece and bought a property of 250.000 Euros minimum value so they can get the VIsa! ( To get all details about the Greek Golden Visa click HERE )


Besides the Visa program, there are more and more serious real estate investors from all parts of the world who come to Greece these days to buy anything from commercial properties, office buildings, buildings that are getting renovated and converted into Air BnB facilities, and of course hotels of any kind and size since tourism has always been the most developed sector of the Greek economy! 

The Real Estate market development is on the rise with no signs for saturation! 

To have a better idea of the Greek real estate market development perspective you can have a look at this series of articles from the international press on this issue. To read them click HERE

Now is the ideal time to be involved into Real Estate in Greece and earn serious amount of money! Do you know people who are looking for real estate investment opportunities from around the world? Are you willing to search for such kind of people and earn serious commission money from their transactions? If yes then WE WANT YOU TO BECOME OUR PARTNER!

If you like the idea don't hesitate to contact us so we can discuss the matter in full detail!

To contact us click HERE

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