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Βίλλα Ζήρια Αιγίου - 1
Βίλλα Ζήρια Αιγίου - 6
Βίλλα Ζήρια Αιγίου - 5
Βίλλα Ζήρια Αιγίου - 4
Βίλλα Ζήρια Αιγίου - 3
Βίλλα Ζήρια Αιγίου - 2
Βίλλα Ζήρια Αιγίου - 7

Villa on the Corithian Gulf (town of Ziria - Egio)


Villa on a plot of 1500 m2, situated on a hill at a 183 meters altitude with a  panoramic view of the Corinthian gulf. 1500 meters distance from the seashore, 13 km from Egio and 26 km from Patras. The villa was built in 2006, it has ground floor of 123 m2 and a 60 m2 basement-guesthouse. On the ground floor there are 3 bedrooms, office room, living room, kitchen. The basement has 2 bedrooms, kitchen and living room together in one big room and bathroom. There is central heating, alarm system, air-conditioning and solar boiler.


Price: 260.000 Euros.


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