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Unfinished Villa in Paros


Unfinished Villa in the area of Kalami in Paros. 300 m2 villa on a 1000 m2 plot inside the settlement’s boundaries. There is a swimming pool permit.

The ground floor has an area of 165.97 m2 on two levels. The upper level has a bedroom with en suite bathroom and a terrace with shed, a small room for many possible uses, such as a) maid's room, b) storage room, (c) washing machine, dryer, ironing board etc. and everything else. There is also a room with a large, open space that can be used as a TV-room, playroom,  office room, etc.

at the lower level, there is provision for a fireplace,  enough space for 2 living rooms and a separate kitchen. There are large doors and windows with great sea and garden views. It also has access to a terrace with shed.

Note: The kitchen can be used as an extra bedroom or other optional use, and it can also be moved to the outside lounge area, or even to the upper-level's large dining area.

There is also a WC and a dressing room for the guests.


The 1st floor has an area of 129.90 m2. It has a lounge area for any uses.  There is a Master bedroom with en suite bathroom and a cloakroom, two more bedrooms, and a bathroom.

     The 1st floor is connected to the ground floor through internal and external staircases. All spaces of the 1st floor have access to terraces with great and unobstructed views of the bay and harbor of Parikia. The outer staircase leads to a large terrace with panoramic views to the north of Parikia.


The construction is excellent with double walls and exterior insulation. The terraces have an area of 42.44 m. There are two water tanks below.

   The property is autonomous with its own entrance. Most of the stone fence has been already constructed.


Price:  300.000 Euros

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