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Windmill -turned into residence- in Santorini


Traditional -Cycladic style- windmill that was renovated and turned into a residential property in Santorini. Surface area 120 m2. There are 2 bedrooms and a jacuzzi in the garden. It has view of the caldera.

A few words about the famous windmills of the Aegean sea. The windmills, a trademark of the Cycladic landscape, are cylindrical mosaics of beauty, culture, and tradition that stand as silent witnesses of the toil of the inhabitants of another era. This remarkable invention, which was a harbinger of the industrial age was using the inexhaustible energy of the wind to produce the most coveted acquisition in the daily life of people of that era: bread!

Windmills appeared in Greece during the 12th to 13th century. Their beauty was described by travelers, imprinted in engravings, and traveled around the world through thousands of photographs and postcards…

Price: 700.000 Euros

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