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Luxurious Villa in Mykonos (with a Hotel License)


The property is located to the north of the island, in the area of Fanari, and has great views of Delos, Tinos, and Syros.


The building area is 1035 m2 and the plot is 11500 m2. It consists of 6 separate buildings. The main building has an area of 684 m2 with 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a large open living-room-kitchen area, a study room, and 2 pools. Each of the other 5 buildings has an area of 170 m2, 2 bedrooms with their own bathrooms, and a large open living-room-kitchen area.

An extra 1000 m2 can be constructed. There is also space for constructing a helipad. The main swimming pool is 134 m2, with a locker-room and WC.

There are also 3 drilling installations and a desalination system with a water storage tank.

The property has already gotten the appropriate license and can be used as a tourist facility, resort hotel, furnished apartments, boutique hotel or any other category. In case it is used as a hotel an extra 1000 m2 of auxiliary spaces and sports facilities can be constructed.

Price: 8.000.000 Euros

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