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Mid-19th Century Villa in Corfu with a Hotel license


Old (built in 1860) Villa in Corfu.

The estate’s total surface area is 28.000 m2. The building's surface area is 1309 m2 with 91 m2 verandas.

In more detail:

  • A 2-floor building (each floor has an area of 318 m2)

  • A single-floor modern building with an area of 163 m2, with verandas of 91 m2

  • A 2-floor building (each floor has an area of 104 m2)

  • A single-floor building with an area of 221 m2 (the old olive mill)

  • A single-floor building with an area of 82 m2 (the old stable)


The estate can be developed both as a tourist business as well as a residential complex.

It has a license for a 5-Star hotel and can build 5900 m2, with a capacity of about 150 beds.

It can build luxurious residences with a total surface area of 2300 m2.


In its era, this property was known for its rich cultural and social activities. It has been used as a bank, hospital, and as refuge center for people who were seeking refuge from mainland Greece.


Price: 4.000.000 Euros


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