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5-Star Hotel outside of Nafplio


SUPER LUX 5-star hotel resort (8 years old), consisting of 140 suites, 40 to 60 m2 each, sleeps 260 + 60 = 320 people. The hotel has an area of 36.500 m2, is adjacent to the sea with its own beach, a marina, and a heliport, total construction area is 15.000 m2, with large halls (restaurant, conferences etc), 4.500 m2 swimming pool. The hotel has a perfect architectural design and is considered one of the 10 most beautiful of all of Greece.


The hotel is stone built, has two indoor swimming pools, three bars, private beach, 105 rooms and an event hall with a capacity of 400 people. Some of its suites reach an area of 90 m2 and their balconies have access to private mini-pools. One of his three restaurants has been built on top of a huge aquarium so the patrons as they eat can watch the fish through a glass floor!


Price: 32.000.000 Euros

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