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Luxurious Villa in Aulis - Next to Chalcis, Evia


A luxurious villa in the town of Aulis, about 80 km from Athens, and very close to the city of Chalcis (or Chalkida) in Evia.

The surface area of the house is 450 m2 with a plot of 3.800 m2. It was built in 2008.

The property is located on the first coastline, 70 meters from the sea. The villa is built on a hill, so there is an incredibly beautiful panoramic view of the South Evia Gulf and the island of Evia.


The layout of the 2-story main building:


5 master bedrooms with private bathroom

dining room

large fireplace

the kitchen

The villa also has a separate guest house and a fitness center. The specially equipped dining area offers sea views. There is a  barbecue area.


The multilevel pool is designed to appear to be a continuation of the sea surface. Comfortable sun loungers are provided around it. A football pitch, basketball courts, and parking space are also available within walking distance of the villa there is a supermarket and a picturesque promenade with many restaurants and taverns.


Since 2011, the venue where the villa is located has been part of the Municipality of Chalcis. Aulis has been known since antiquity through one of the most famous theatrical plays of ancient Greece “Iphigenia in Aulis” written by Euripides!


Aulis is located on the beautiful coast of Chalcis on the southern part of the Gulf of Evia, a place that is known for its mild climate. This area is also considered to have the most delicious seafood throughout the Mediterranean because the rare species of plankton that live here give a unique taste to local fish and oysters.

Ship-owners, bankers, successful lawyers and high-quality doctors will become your neighbors. There are no tourists and hotels in this area. There are also no industrial enterprises. The air is really healing. According to official Greek medical statistics, the locals of Aulis are Europe's leaders when it comes to life expectancy. The area has well developed modern infrastructure - telephone, hospitals, schools, parks, leisure facilities, food stores (fish, meat, bakery).

The area is also  40 minutes away from the ski resort of Parnassos, and the famous ancient city of Delphi.        


Price: 1.700.000 Euros

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