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Luxurious Villa on the West Coast of Athens - Anavysos


Luxurious villa in Anavysos, 195 m2 with a 44 m2 guesthouse, on a 900 m2 plot.

The villa was built in 2001 with unique aesthetics and eclectic design, with a big garden and a large swimming pool, overlooking the Anavysos bay.

The ground floor has a sunny living room with magnificent uninterrupted sea view, a kitchen and a WC.  The sophisticated staircase decorated with handmade tiles, leads to the upper floor where we find two bedrooms, the master one with a bathroom with Jacuzzi and a walking cupboard and the second one with its own separate bathroom.  Under the main entrance level there is a sunny guest room (it is spacious enough to be used as a second living room or third bedroom, or  playroom, or anything else…) with own access to the garden, a WC and a kitchenette. On the same level we find the laundry room with natural lighting, boiler room, storage room and a cleaning station.

The house has under-floor heating, aluminum “arme” type window frames and 3-layer security glasses, all necessary installation for an alarm system. The house has full earthquake protection capacity.

The vila has a beautifully designed garden that includes a small orchard with lemon, orange and apricot trees as well as various Greek flowers, plants and grass that surround the BBQ area and the 70 m2 swimming. There is also an external dining area with its antique marble washing basin.

On the east end of the garden there is a 44sq.m. guest house with a kitchenette and a WC not completed. There is also a WC with individual access for use by whoever is in the garden. 

Finally, the house is situated on a unique position with unobstructed sea view, just 20 meters away from the coastal road, less than 500 meters from central square of Anavysos and 500 meters from the local school.

Price:  680.000 Euros

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