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Luxurious Detached House on the West Coast of Athens - Vouliagmeni


The house area  is 630 m2 on a 590 m2 plot, with full air conditioning, 4-6 bedrooms (1 bedroom with own bathroom, 3 “master” bedrooms and there are also two more rooms that can be used as bedrooms), 100 m2 garage with space for 5 cars, and 30 m2 laundry / storage space,


- Basement - 215 m2, entrance from the garage with 5 parking spaces, 80 m2 gym (with spa, sauna, hammam, bath), and 30 m2 of laundry/storage space

- Ground floor - 142.5 m2, entrance from the garden, two levels living room that spreads on two levels with fireplace and kitchen, 1 guest bedroom with bathroom, 1 bedroom-office room.

- 1st floor - 142.5 m2, 2 “master” bedrooms with their own bathroom and 1 bedroom "en-suite" with dressing room and marble bathroom, hallway with kitchenette.

- 2nd floor - 90 m2, living room with marble floor with sea view, fireplace, toilet, and space for extra kitchen.

- Upper roof - 40 m2, 1 bedroom with own bathroom.


 Price: 2.700.000 Euros

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