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Land for Development on the Southern Coast of Crete - Prefecture of Herakleion

Land in Tsoutsouros, on the southern coast of the prefecture of Herakleion in Crete. 17.000.000 m2 of coastal land, with 1500 meters of coastline. It can build 3.000.000 m2.

The land is ideal for the construction of simple residences, tourist facilities and golf, and wind farm.

The area of ​​Tsoutsouros, along with that of Plakias in the prefecture of Rethymnon (also in Crete) have the highest atmospheric oxygenation in all
Europe. Because of its climate, it is considered as an ideal location
for the development of rehabilitation centers or anything else related to human health (Research Centers, Hospitals, etc.).

Price: 75.000.000 Euros (Objective Value: 463.550.000 Euros)

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