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Master Plan

Land for touristic development in Eastern Peloponnese


The area due to its proximity to Athens and the port of Piraeus is developing touristically more and more over the last few years. The nearby islands of the Saronic Gulf are a famous tourist destination and a weekend get-away for the residents of Athens.

The area is fast becoming an international yachting hotspot (which creates the need for extra marinas!)and a destination for high-income tourists! The piece of land is situated on the coast of Peloponnese between the islands of Hydra and Poros.

Other famous destinations of the area that are worth mentioning are the islands of Spetses and Aegina, the ultra-touristic city of Nafplion, and the town of Epidaurus with its most famous ancient theater in the world that draws crowds every year!

 The land's area is 5.000.000 m2. It is allowed to build 500.000 m2. The property has its own harbour and its own sandy beach.


Price: 165.000.000 Euros


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