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Hotel Development in Ag

Land for Hotel Development in Western Peloponnese - Ag. Marina, Ilia


The project develops on a land area of 261.000 m2. This area is divided into two adjacent parts. Part A is seafront and has an area of 212.000 m2 and Part B with an area of 49.000 m2. The property is unique and it is ideal for the development of a 5-Star resort (it already has the appropriate license ) since it is one of the very few beachfront properties of that size in Western Peloponnese, with a 300-meter long sandy beach and a marina for mid-sized boats only 800 meters away.

The development plan for Part A allows for the construction of a 7.771 m2 hotel (including public areas) or for 8.438 m2 of residential properties that can be sold with a long-term lease or 8.380 m2 of residential properties than can be sold for free (freehold).

Part B can be divided into 7 separate plots (6.000 m2 each minimum, and can build at least 1400 m2 of residences.

The project is in a location, the Western Peloponnese, that is rapidly transforming into an international tourist destination. The area includes other well-known resorts like Costa Navarino, Aldemar, Grecotel.

The project is 80 km away (connected with a national road) with the port of Patras from where there are departures and arrivals to and from the Italian ports of Brindisi, Ancona, Bari, and Venice. The nearby port of Katakolo has daily arrivals of cruise ships, and the nearby airport of Araxos receives international charter flights from 10 major European cities!

Part A qualifies for a government subsidy for about 30-35% of the total construction budget! Also, the project can receive money from the ”European Fund for Development” for exemption from VAT for up to 5.000.000 Euros!

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Price:  12.000.000 Euros

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