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The Island of Kato Antikeri


The Island of Kato Antikeri (or Drima) is an island of the complex of Cyclades. Administratively it belongs to the municipality of Amorgos. The surface of the island is 1.079.000 m2, suitable for personal use or investment.

It has building permits for 1393 m2. It has 2 ports, electricity, solar power system, and a telecommunications network.

It is 9 nautical miles from Amorgos and 6 nautical miles from Koufonisia.

More than 160.000 m2 of the island are fields, where mainly cereals, vineyards and various trees (fig trees etc) are grown. The rest of the land is mainly grassland with low vegetation of various herbaceous animals, mainly goats. It has many bays (natural harbors) and is accessible to boats and humans to its greatest extent. The main port is between the two islands (Ano and Kato Antikeri), where a waterfront (stone-wooden) has been built, where the visitors' boats are stranded at all times of the year.


Price:  7.000.000 Euros

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