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Beachfront Land in a Small Island in Chalkidiki


Land with an area of 22.000 m2 with its own private beach on the island of Ammouliani, the hidden diamond of the region, the only inhabited island of Chalkidiki, located across from Ouranoupolis.


Ammouliani is an island that is green, picturesque, very "summer"-like, full of unique beaches, one of the most beautiful in our country that fascinates every visitor because it includes everything you dream about within 4.5 square kilometers. The island of Ammouliani is 120 km away from Thessaloniki and is connected by regular ferry boats, on a ten-minute trip, with the closest coast of Chalkidiki, Tripiti.

With a few things in your luggage, you will find in Ammouliani an earthly paradise of peace and relaxation. This island is an idyllic combination of golden and fine sand, turquoise sea, vegetation, and gigantic rocks.

Its secluded bays are the perfect destination for those who want to relax and unwind, while on long beaches you can indulge in water sports.

The island has a settlement, and the choices in accommodation, restaurants, and cafes are many and extremely interesting. The hospitable locals are ready to offer you the best with the well-known island hospitality. The island is dominated by green, as it is full of olive trees and low vegetation. Ammouliani is famous for its beaches and really worth a visit. At the back of Ammouliani, there are many other small beaches that you can visit on a boat. You can go with your own boat or rent one from Ouranoupolis.


Price:  1.200.000 Euros

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