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Housing Estate in Chalkidiki with 26 Luxurious Villas


The villas are built on a plot of 20.000 m2 in Chalkidiki. The estate has its own water supply through drilling. It is located in Kryopigi, Chalkidiki which is about 95 kilometers away from the Thessaloniki airport.

The estate consists of unfinished maisonettes with the following sizes:
Seven maisonettes of 140 m2 with a distance from the sea of 163 meters.
Six of 100 m2 with a distance of 229 meters from the sea.
Six of 100 m2 with a distance of 262 meters from the sea.
Seven of 160 sqm with a distance of 300 meters from the sea.



The total built area is 3,300 m2. The estimated cost of investment completion (indoor landscaping - gardens - swimming pools) is up to 1.300.000 Euros.

Price: 6.100.000 euros

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