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Hotel Development Project In Western Peloponnese - Kourouta, Prefecture of Ilia


Hotel development project under construction in Kourouta, prefecture of Ilia, in Western Peloponnese.


Kourouta is an area in Western Peloponnese (right next to the Ancient Olympia) that offers a wide and long beach of golden sand and crystal clear seawater. It is considered one of the most beautiful beaches throughout Greece. This part of the Peloponnese is also famous for its unobstructed view of the sunset since it is facing towards the west where the Ionian sea extends for hundreds of kilometers until it reaches the Italian coast. The area attracts a large number of tourists both Greeks and foreigners (mainly from Italy and Germany) who like the place not only for its natural beauty but also for its intense nightlife.


 The construction work has begun and so far 28% of the project it has finished. The hotel is licensed for 105 5-star maisonettes. Its budget is 12.000.000 Euros. It has an approved grant for 60% of the budget. 20.500 m2 with its own beach next to a forest. Work is completed in one year.


The owner wants 4,000,000 Euros half in the beginning and the rest when the buyer receives the subsidy.

Tо ѕеnd uѕ аn іnԛuіrу fоr thіѕ property click HERE 


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