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Hotel for sale in Chianciano Terme


A hotel that consists of two buildings built near the thermal spa in a residential area, and equipped with lots of tourist accommodation facilities.

The first body of the building consists of six floors.

The first basement has a cellar and a TV room.

Basement floor with hall, living room, dining room, office, and concierge and four floors above ground where there are 21 rooms.

The attic floor (3 rooms).

The second building was built in a later period and consists of five floors.

The basement has a kitchen, pantry, ironing room, and covered parking.

Four floors above ground are divided into 28 rooms and some rooms are available to the manager.

All floors of the building are connected by a staircase and an elevator has been installed in the more recently built building.

The heights of the various floors vary from 2.85 m to 3.15 m with the exception of the attic floors which have a variable height of 1.25-2.55 m.

Property features:

Elevator, Garage, Flue, Cellar, Double entrance, Warehouse, parking area, Reception,, autonomous heating, Conference Hall.

Price: 300.000 Euros

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