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First Class Hotel near the Corinth Canal


The hotel was built in 1975. 

Total land area 37.871 m2. Area of building facilities coverage 4.071 m2. Total number of rooms 282. Central building rooms 222. Bungalows Rooms 60. Two-Bed Rooms 257. Single-Bed Rooms18 (King-size bed). Two-room apartments - 4 beds (suites) 7. Total capacity in beds 561.


The condition of the buildings is good (conventional construction made of reinforced concrete and a ceiling plate), and the rest of the unit (equipment, furnishings, clothing and surrounding areas). However, it should be noted that any renovation of the equipment and some decorative interventions in the interiors, especially the reception and the restaurant, would contribute significantly to the upgrading of the unit.


The hotel also has a main restaurant with a seating capacity of 500 people, a tavern for 220 people, a recreational area for events, shows, dances etc that accommodates 400 people, and various facilities for sports and marine sports activities.


Price: 5.000.000 Euros

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