Hotel Development Proposal in the Center of Athens


Old, neo-classical style, landmark building that was built in 1915, located on Panepistimiou street – next to Omonia square. The building had been given the name “PALLADION” and was designed by the famous architect Panayotis Zizilas in an era that the neo-classical, eclectic style was prevalent and was following the Parissiene - Venician architectural standards of the time.



The building has been fully renovated and designed so that it conforms to the modern anti-seismic codes and standards.


The building has been used as a hotel in the past. At the moment it is used as an office and department store building. It can be converted into a 40-room first-class hotel.


The building’s plot has an area 835,30 m2

Basement 459,66 m2

Ground Floor 701,15 m2

Mezzanine 559,56 m2

1st floor 645,02 m2

2nd floor 645,02 m2

3rd floor 645,02 m2

Roof apartment 45,12 μ2

Total area: 3.700,05 m2


Price: 12.000.000 Euros


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