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Historic Hotel for sale in Italy - Area of Umbria


This historic property is located near the town of Gubbio in the area of Umbria.

It was built in the year 1064 but became famous in the 12th century when the Holy Roman Emperor Federico Barbarossa became its owner, then after his death, it was owned by his sons and famous noblemen of Italy.

 The land area is 30.000 m2, buildings 4.000 m2. In 2012 it got the license to construct an additional 3.500 m2. The hotel consists of 26 huge suites.

The castle is fully equipped with antique furniture and filled artifacts from the 11th century.
It is licensed for hotel and restaurant activities.

When it will be sold the new owner will be consigned by the law to use the title of count and the coat of arms.

The Castle hosts weddings and celebrations, hotel rooms and restaurants are open during the whole year. The castle was used for the shooting of  various movies, and the TV series called “Don Matteo”

All installations are in good condition. It is considered a landmark site.

Price: 15.000.000 Euros

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