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Greece's Tourism Campaign 2022 Video: “You will want to stay forever”


National Tourism Organisation’s promotional campaign highlights why Greece is the favorite destination for millions of visitors.

This summer’s official promotional campaign supporting Greece’s tourism sector runs under the slogan: “Greece… You Will Want to Stay Forever!”.

The new promotional campaign from EOT, Greece’s National Tourism Organisation, fresh, different, and sentimental, stars Otto, an Austrian traveler who visited Greece a number of years ago to get a taste of Greek summer but ended up staying for good after becoming attached to the country.

The new EOT campaign, based on a true story, focuses on the beauty of Greece and aims to highlight that the choice of the country as a favorite destination by millions of travelers is not coincidental. Greece, the campaign suggests, is the land that reconnects travelers with all they consider to be important. Put simply, Greece is portrayed as a must for reevaluating the value of life.

The country’s uncontrived charm, simplicity, narrow alleys, friendly people, whitewashed houses, hot sun, endless coastline, countryside, picturesque mountain villages, and traditional food all serve as irresistible temptations for visitors, resulting in some of these never wanting to leave. As the campaign tells, Greece, for some visitors, ends up becoming their new home.


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