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Who buys luxury homes now in Greece

Chinese, Israelis, Turks, Arabs but also people from Europe, Germans and Swiss are currently buying luxury homes in Greece with growing interest and deals in the most popular areas but also in Athens, mainly the southern suburbs.

The data were presented by analysts of the Greek real estate market who notice increased interest from abroad for Greek luxury real estate and according to a relevant research that has been carried out, at the moment, the vast majority of buyers of luxury real estate in Greece are foreign, reaching at a rate of 62%, and in case we count also those foreigners who first register a company in Greece and then proceed with the property purchase then the number rises even to 90%.


The market of luxury homes in Greece is estimated to be growing on an annual basis now at a rate of 10-15% while in the past there were cases of coastal properties in the expensive southern suburbs of Athens (Glyfada, Voula, Vouliagmeni) that were sold over 10 million euros, reaching even 40 million euros, while in the center of Athens, in Acropolis, Plaka, there were sales even at 5,000 euros per sq. meter.

The interest especially for the Greek market is explained by the fact that now, after the fall in the Greek real estate market, as a result of the crisis, the prices for the specific category of the most expensive properties are considered attractive.

Luxury Villas for sale in Greece:

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