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11 Greek hotels among the "Best in the world"

Eleven Greek hotels emerged among the best in the world for 2019, according to the "Loved by Guests" awards of the platform, as evidenced by the reviews of travelers.

The hotel list, according to, offers travelers the opportunity to save time in search of accommodation when planning a trip.
Added to this year's awards are the additional categories of friendly hotels for pets, homes, and apartments, and sustainability. In total, more than 59,000 hotels around the world have been awarded.

The Greek Hotels that made the list are from the following categories:

- Family hotels:  from Athens
- Luxury hotels: from Thessaloniki and Ioannina
- Boutique hotels: from Thessaloniki
- Pet-friendly hotels: from Santorini
- Spa-Mythical Hotels: from Santorini and Thessaloniki
- Sustainability: King George -from Athens, Heraklion, Kifissia, Patras




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