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Luxurious Residence under the Acropolis of Athens


The property is located in the historic center of Athens (Plaka) and it has an exquisite view of Acropolis. It was constructed in 1904 by the famous German architect Hernest Ziller.  It has been classified as a landmark - protected monument by a Presidential Decree of 1980, and it is the permanent residence of one of the most famous families of Athens. It was renovated in 1998.


Total area 980 m2. Basement 80 m2. Ground Floor 250 m2. First floor 250 m2. Second floor 180 m2. Third floor 150 m2, and another 70 m2 beyond the third floor. The property includes an elevator and parking spot.


There is also a courtyard with three fully autonomous guesthouses.

Price: 7.000.000 Euros.

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