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Island for Sale in the Aegean Sea


The Island of Rinia is located next to the Aegean island of Skyros. 3 nautical miles distance from the port of Skyros (Linaria). There is daily transportation service to Skyros by airplane from Athens and by boat from Kymi (Evia).


The island's total area is 550.000 m2 out of which 15.000 m2 is for agricultural use and the rest is considered as a private forest area. The island owners have contacted the Committee of Appeals for Forest Disputes in an effort to change the island's agricultural-defined area from 15.000 m2 into 200.000 m2


With the current status, it is allowed to construct a 3.500 m2 hotel and a 500 m2 private property. Additionally, it is allowed to construct various tourist facilities (golf and tennis courts, and other sports activities areas), on 10% of the forest area. Also, it is allowed to build on this 10% of the forest area a 50 m2 building on every 1000 m2 piece of land. Harbor for boats and beaches can also be constructed. 


The island's surface is flat and is covered by medium height trees mainly cedars. It is rocky and its soil consists mainly of red earth. The Greek government has no claims on the island. It is not a NATURA area.


The island's current objective value is 4.950.000 Euros but that could increase drastically if the current owners win their case and manage to increase the agricultural area from 15.000 m2 into 200.000 m2!


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