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Photovoltaic Park

Photovoltaic Park 


PV Station 2MWp


 Location: Central Greece


Commissioning Date: June 2011


Nominal Power: 1,963.33kWp


PV Modules: 9,835pcs ALEO Solar AG Germany (S18 225/230/235), 10-year product guarantee, 25-year output guarantee

Mounting: Schletter Germany, FS System


Inverters: 113pcs SMA Germany Sunny TriPower 17.000TL. Guarantee Comfort (full payback coverage) until Autumn 2026.

Land: Fully owned farmland, total surface 70,000sqm (included in price)


Fence: NATO fencing with a full-length concrete base and spiky serpentine on top.


Security: 44 fence cameras, LED lights, 12 digital infrared beams and 3 PTZ security cameras on 9-meter columns connected to external security monitoring company.

Maintenance: Outsourced to local contractor against 10,000EUR/year, excl. VAT.


Insurance: ALLIANZ full coverage and income loss against 8,000EUR/year


Personnel: 1 person employed locally, 40hours/week against 15,000EUR/year cost to the company.

No outstanding loans


No subsidies received


Annual Grid Cost Charges: 35,000-40,000EUR


Energy Sale Agreement: Valid until 2038


  • 0,33EUR/kWh until 2031


  • to be decided in the future for tariff from 2031 until 2038

 Price: 10.000.000 Euros

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