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Office-Building Project - Athens Center.


Office Building Complex under construction.

The complex consists of two 8-story buildings. In the area that is within a 500-meter radius from the property, one can find 10 hospitals, 2 ministries, 7 movie-theaters, 2 hotels, 4 foreign embassies, 3 university colleges, 12 schools, the Tower of Athens, and a big branch of the supermarket chain CARREFOUR.

On a plot of 1.050,60 m2 (front side length: 32 meters), they have already constructed 3 basements-parking lots of 1.050 m2 each and an 8-story building of an area of 1472 m2.

Another 8-story building of an area of 2.720 m2 is currently under construction.

Total area 7.500 m2.

The two buildings can also connect with bridges-crossing points.


Due to its exceptional location and the many different types of use that the law allows, this property’s exploitation potential is very high!

Examples of different uses:

Nursing home

Diagnostic center

Headquarters for corporations

3-4 star city hotel

Small-size apartments (that will be in high demand especially from doctors with so many hospitals in the area)

Parking lots


Public service centers.

The two buildings can also be sold individually.


The price of the property will be set after negotiation.


Tо ѕеnd uѕ аn іnԛuіrу fоr thіѕ property click HERE 


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