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Buildings with Yield-7

Office Building in the Suburbs of Athens


A 7.500 m2 building in the Northern Suburbs of Athens (Neo Psychiko),

 the plot is 4000 m2, the ground floor is 5000 m2, the basement is 2500 m2, and has 150 parking spaces.

It has a DEI (ΔΕΗ - State-owned Electricity Company) substation and autonomous power generators.

It rents its facilities to two multinational companies and a foreign university, for 73000 Euros/month.

It belongs to an S.A. company.


Sale price 11.500.000 Euros.

Annual Yield: 7,62% (the owner of the building can also exploit the parking lot which can then increase the annual yield way more!)

Tо ѕеnd uѕ аn іnԛuіrу fоr thіѕ property click HERE 


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