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Buildings with Yield-6

Government Building in the Suburbs of Athens


The building is located in Menidi. It serves as the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance. it is a very high quality and special purpose building in which the Greek state added 5 million Euros to refine and upgrade for its specific use.


The rent is 54.300 Euros per month. Year of construction 2010. The lease is for 12 years 5 have passed -will renew. 

It is located in an industrial zone.

The ministry was relocated from its previous headquarters in which it stayed for 24 years due to a) static instability b) facility expansion c) not in an industrial zone as it is now requested by law.

The building is for multipurpose use: a) office b) commercial c) industrial d) storage facilities.

plot: 10.272 m2

building: 11.500 m2


Price: 9.000.000 Euros

 Rent: 54.000 Euros/Month

 Yield: 7,24%

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