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Buildings with Yield-2

Medical Diagnostic Center in the suburbs of Athens


EUROMEDICA building – Medical Diagnostic Center in the Western suburbs of Athens (Peristeri)


Plot: 710 m2.

Semi-basement: 437 m2.

Ground floor: 437 m2.

1st floor: 437 m2.

2nd floor: 437 m2.

Total: 1748 m2.


Short history of the property:

 Built in 1992-94, rented for a medical center until 1998, then rented as a diagnostic center by EUROMEDICA with a twelve-year contract that was renewed in 2010 and expires in 2022.

Due to the investments made in the building for its use as a diagnostic center (special metal insulation, etc.), it is requested for the tenants to continue renting the building for at least another 12 years.


Sale Price: 1.900.000 Euros

Annual income: 161.600 Euros

Yield 8.5%

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