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4-Star Hotel in Paros


This hotel complex has 58 rooms, 149 beds. Total surface area of buildings is 3435 m2, plot 24700 m2. There are more than 18000 m2 of gardens with lawn, ornamental trees, and plants, paved streets, olive trees (approximately 180 roots), vineyard, and a vegetable greenhouse (with a certification of organic cultivation of all agricultural products).

There is also a large swimming pool with a sun terrace and an outdoor pool bar, snack bar and restaurant, and air-conditioned rooms with a balcony with sea, pool, or garden views. Some of the rooms are equipped with a spa bath. The complex is built and decorated according to the Cycladic style and architecture. It has many sports and leisure facilities such as a tennis court, mini-golf, gym, and hot tub sauna, children’s pool, or playground.

Price: 3.850.000 Euros

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