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Luxury Suites Complex in Lefkada


 A complex of 10 Luxury Suites (437 m2) on the beautiful island of Lefkada. 


 It Includes:

- 2 suites with a surface of 38 m2 and a balcony of 18 m2

- 1 suite of 45 m2 with a balcony of 38 m2

- 1 suite of 42 m2 with a balcony of 38 m2

- 2 suites with a surface of 42 m2 each with a balcony of 12 m2

- 2 suites with an area of ​​48 m2 each and a balcony of 12 m2

- 2 suites with an area of ​​47 m2 each and a balcony of 12 m2

 All Suites have magnificent and unobstructed Sea view & pool view


 2300 sqm plot

10 parking spaces

190 m2 swimming pools (1 small & 1 large)

 Cafe bar outside

 Kitchen snack bar 20 m2


The complex is located on the laidback Greek island of Lefkada and surrounded by the glittering Ionian Sea, the hotel offers a truly peaceful escape.

Beautifully designed, each suite is its own haven and comes with either a private terrace or balcony facing the sea. All rooms lead down to the 23-meter infinity pool surrounded by elegant cabanas, a poolside bar, and a dining area.

Built into the hills above the island’s eastern coast, the property enjoys marvelous views across the water that extends all the way to the mainland. 

Price: 4.500.000 Euros

Tо ѕеnd uѕ аn іnԛuіrу fоr thіѕ property click HERE 


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