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2nd Land for Tourism Development near Kalamata - Peloponnese


Large plot of seafront land with total area of 318.000 m2 which has ideal conditions for touristic investment. The land plot is situated in Peloponnese in the prefecture of Messinia, the area of West Mani.


 The legal status of this piece of land is determined as follows: 294.000 m2 - Recognized private forest area (allows development for tourism purposes) + 24.000 m2 - clean agricultural land.


  The plot is spread out amphitheatrically ending up in crystal blue waters with its own coastline (about 500 m long) and a beautiful private access beach. The plot offers a magnificent panoramic view all over the Messinian Gulf - from the lively central city of Kalamata on the right to the ancient Koroni with its Venetian castle on the left.


Due to its unique location (about 20 km South-East from Kalamata), the area around this piece of land offers tranquility and relaxation away from noisy towns and yet close proximity to the main points of tourist interest and all necessary facilities (e.g. airport, hospital etc.) of the region.


   The development ratio allows:

1) construction - 15.000 m2 within an area of 30.000 m2 applicable to the part stated as a forest land + 5.000 land applicable to the part stated as agricultural land.


2) mild forms of utilization - 264.600 m2 (sidewalks, recreation areas, viewpoint, sports venues).


   All the conditions mentioned above and the excellent Mediterranean climate make it ideal for an investor interested in a luxury resort & hotel business or a luxury private villa.


Price: 3.500.000 Euros

Tо ѕеnd uѕ аn іnԛuіrу fоr thіѕ property click HERE 


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