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The Island of Velopoula


The island of Velopoula is located in the Aegean sea off the coast of south-east Peloponnese. It has a length of about 3 kilometers with a width of 800 meters and on the south side of the island, its maximum elevation is 227 meters. It can build 85.000 m2.

The island appears to have been a seaport for the prehistoric Greeks for their sea voyage to Milos and the Aegean islands for trade.

In Hellenistic period, Adonis Cyrus, in his book "At the Crossroads of Argolikos" (Volume I), writes that a coin of Milos of the 3rd century BC was found on the island, and suggests that  at the site of the Church of Saints there was probably a stronghold of pirates during the years of the Antiochus III (2nd century BC) war against the Romans.

In the Byzantine times, a small religious community may have settled near the fountain in the bay of Saints. After centuries, the Venetians named the island “Bello Polo”

In the island, there is the chapel of Saints, located on the east coast of the island and the lighthouse that was built in 1884. This deserted island also received the grace of a Saint because it was chosen by him as a place to practice asceticism for some time after 26 years of doing the same in the Holy Land - and just before 1920, the Saint Savvas of Kalymnos.


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